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The messages of The Ultimate Gift have come to life in a collection of activities-driven, values-based products developed by Once Upon A Family®. "It was important to me for Once Upon A Family to be closely involved with The Ultimate Gift experience," explains author Jim Stovall, "because they are a leader in creating practical, meaningful ways for families to fully discover the gifts of joy, values and connection."

The Ultimate Gift DVD

The Award-Winning Movie on DVD, with incredible bonus features. *Bulk order pricing for 10 or more units is calculated at checkout.

When his wealthy grandfather dies, trust fund baby Jason Stevens anticipates a big inheritance. Instead, his grandfather has devised a crash course on life with twelve tasks – or "gifts" – designed to challenge Jason in improbable ways, sending him on a journey of self-discovery and forcing him to determine what is really most important in life.

Dear Sweet Child Letter Box

Perhaps the most cherished gift your child - or grandchild - will ever receive is the Dear Sweet Child Letter Box. Filled with photos and letters of love, dreams, values and childhood stories, it is a priceless treasure. Each year on your child's birthday, write a letter expressing the depth of love you feel and highlight some of the funny and sweet things your child did during the past 12 months. You can share a personal story or talk about life lessons you want to pass on – even if your message is short and sweet. Save the letter in one of the 21 ivory booklets that are included along with a few photos from that year, then store them in this beautiful box. It makes a great gift for a graduation, 21st birthday or a wedding. It doesn't matter if you start these letters when your child is one, seven or twenty-two. Imagine if you had a box of letters your parents had written to you over the years – how precious that would be! It's a true gift of love.

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The Family Values Journal and Key of Responsibility

We all want to raise our children to be kind, honest and responsible adults because we know that values are the true "Keys of Happiness". And, having simple ways to teach family values in our home can make all the difference. When someone's behavior shows an understanding and an effort to embrace one of your cherished family values, make it a special event by lighting a 'Candle Of Honor' at the dinner table to salute them and then note their effort in this beautiful Family Values Journal.

The Key of Responsibility also helps reinforce strong family values. Children love rewards they can hold onto or display for all to see. When you see them take responsibility for their property, their actions or their mistakes, present them with the Key of Responsibility as you light the Candle of Honor. They will proudly hang it on their doorknob or backpack, while their siblings think of ways that they too can earn the honor!

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Gift Of Values

Take your children on a journey of 12 unforgettable life lessons. These 12 simple but meaningful tasks will help your child experience some of life's most important lessons that will change how they think and feel about those around them and shape how they live their life. This work book will guide them through their challenges and also be a keepsake of what they've accomplished.

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Family Tree Booklets

Send these 4.5" x 6" booklets to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins and have them fill in their story. Or start a new family tradition, whereby the younger generation interviews one member of the older generation every Thanksgiving and fills in the booklet for them. Store these treasured family keepsakes in a beautiful silk Family Tree Box. Each of the 5 booklets has 7 pages with simple questions.

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TUGS Bracelet

TUGS bracelets capture each of the 12 "gifts" that Red gave to Jason in The Ultimate Gift. Each imprinted bead is removable, enabling the wearer to change the order as reminders or to celebrate a gift well given or received.

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  • " find it difficult to find the words to describe this story. The book was originally given to me by a philanthropist, who, like the entrepreneur in this story, built an empire by hard work and benevolence. I have since shared this book with many people who have in turn shared it with others. There is a kind of "pay it forward" phenomena about this book which beckons those who have discovered its rich gifts to share it with everyone they love. It will renew your spirit and rejuvenate your soul."
    -J. Phillips Marietta, GA
  • "Thought provoking and life changing. What a different world we would live in if everyone would take this simple message to heart and live each and every day according to this very simple, clear message regarding the gift of living and how we relate to others in our life."
    -Anonymous Book Review
  • "I walked into a class to observe a teacher today and to my surprise every student in the class had the book The Ultimate Gift on their desk and it was open. That was great but, it was the dialogue that these kids were having that got my attention. These freshmen were taking the book and dissecting it. So often in an inner city school we are called upon to teach morals and values with little more than a bias opinion. By using this book as our tool we can have any ethnicity or religion engage in conversation that doesn’t impede on another’s beliefs or values, it just helps to enhance positive communication. Thanks again for giving my kids the opportunity to grow mentally and spiritually."
    -School Principal
  • "This is a movie and a book, but it's much more than that. This is a movie with a purpose - a goal. It helps us to see that we each have gifts we can share with others .Money given to charities is great. Even greater is our time, though, as many movements have but few volunteers to implement much needed programs. This movie teaches you that anyone can become involved in charitable activities. In fact, you can begin your own grass-roots movement whereever you see a need. It's not enough in life to just live in our own little world. Until we can reach out to others in a real and sustainable way, we really haven't lived at all. Personal fulfillment comes from such outreach.."
    -Anonymous, AK
  • "I ordered 7 copies for our Book Review Group at our church. All of us are giving our copy to someone else to read. I have read it at least three times and find something new in it each time."
    -C. Barton Fort Plain, NY
  • "A friend came up to me after the show and quipped "I only cried once!" I replied, "Me, too -- from five minutes after the movie started through the credits". Even the beautifully portrayed humor brought tears because of the all too real truth and sweet sorrow behind it!

    I send my sincere admiration and gratitude for making a family-friendly film that educates, entertains, and leaves us better for having experienced it. The Ultimate Gift is truly a film that I will watch again and again for the 12 lessons, and the way it makes me feel as if I can help make the world a better place, too.

    Please continue on this path. Your sense of direction is important to the healing, health, and future of the families of our nation and world!"
    -C. Smith, St. Simons Island, GA

  • "It touched me in so many ways. Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave me through your film last night."
    -A. Lassiter Willow Springs, NC
  • "To live life with passion. That is what makes the days you spend on Earth about more than breathing in and out. The Ultimate Gift is one of those rare movies. It is not about passion. It is passion.

    Talk is cheap if there's nothing to back it up. The strength of this movie is reflected by what it is doing beyond the movie theatre.

    The Ultimate Gift is a movie that is oriented toward the values people had when the world was a better place. It is a movie that will allow you to make a difference."
    -A. McCune Pittsburgh, PA

  • "It was much more than a "feel good" movie. It was an "I want to do good" movie. After the advanced screening, I socialized with the other attendees and you could feel the positive energy. Everyone walked away with a decision to make about at least one aspect of their lives and how we can impact the lives of those around us."
    -M. Burke Dallas, GA